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We invest, build & develop premium domain names.

Shout out to Satoshi Nakamoto and the hallmark achievement of decentralizing trust itself with ₿ (that's Bitcoin).

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Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange where free market, non Gov't fiat money like Bitcoin is traded everyday. Buy, sell, trade, invest, speculate, have fun and be safe!


IMAGINE being able to own a part of the internet itself or the equivalent of domain names in the mid-1990's!. Well YOU CAN, TODAY! Something so much more compelling even than that!

Enter Bitcoin

an asset discreet like cash in your pocket -- only you can send it to anyone, anywhere with no permission. No ID, no signups, discreet -- but not private...

Think of it like Digital Gold. Noone wants to really spend Bitcoin on trivial nonsense when 'price discovery' is considered to be ahead only 10 years in.

We like ZCash. It's what Satoshi wanted for Bitcoin. ZK-SNARK technology is #1.